July 20, 2009


In addition to McManus and MacDonald, Kilt’s core members include CG artists Andy Lesniak and Michael Johnson.

The studio recently completed work on its premiere project, a new commercial for 2K Sports promoting The Bigs 2 baseball videogame. The commercial was directed by Peter Berg and features a collision between two trains against a desert landscape, all designed to symbolizing the power of catcher and base runner colliding. The Kilt team created the collision and recommended to Berg that they create an entirely CG 3D environment. CG elements and live action of the athletes would then be compositied. Berg agreed and a small team from Kilt traveled to the high desert and shot reference plates with a Red camera. 

The trains were created using Maya and Mental Ray, and rendering was performed using NewTek LightWave. Custom software was written for the integration of the three programs.

Kilt is currently working on a DirecTV campaign that includes a 14 spots promoting its NFL Prime Ticket package.