April 22, 2009


The Previzion Portable is an affordable, integrated VFX pipeline-in-a-suitcase that provides what’s needed to create blue- and greenscreen VFX shots in realtime.  The system includes keying, color correction, realtime rendering of video and 3D elements, accurate camera and lens tracking, compositing, and camera motion recording.

The Airtrack module is a production-level rotary tracking system that accurately measures handheld tracking. Airtrack steadily tracks rotary motion in realtime without any external reference point, and can be combined with the Intersense IS1200 for a complete, portable 6DOF tracking solution.

Together, the Previzion Portable and Airtrack provide an integrated, easy to operate camera tracking and visual effects preview system that gives creative camera control to directors and cinematographers, while recording complete timecode-synchronized camera and lens motion data for post production.