September 11, 2009


3D film producer and session architect Phil Streather (pictured) is chairman of the program. He is also the CEO of giant-screen movie production company Principal Large Format, and says, "If 3D is going to drive our industry forward, then we are going to need fantastic 3D content, and plenty of it.

"The purpose of our program on D Cinema Day at IBC 09 is to ensure that people are aware of the latest tools in 3D content creation and editing, how they can be used, and what benefits they can bring to a project. Not everybody can afford current high-end 3D post production tools. But there are alternatives out there that are cheaper and more accessible to smaller or independent production companies, and our aim is to showcase some of them to an audience that might so far have limited or no experience of 3D movie-making."

The program will feature four parts, and will conclude with a roundtable.
The session begins with a primer offered by LA-based CGI stereographer Bernard Mendiburu, whose credits include Meet The Robinsons and Monsters vs. Aliens. He will offer an overview of the latest developments in 3D workflow.

Part 2 will be led by Ken Schafer, president of Innoventive Software, who will look at pre-visualization. Part 3 will address image capture.
The presentation will be headed by stereographer Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality Digital. Schklair recently oversaw production, post production and completion of U2 3D at 3ality Digital in Burbank, CA.

The fourth part of the presentation will address editing and image manipulation. David Newman, CTO of CineForm, will demonstrate how the company's Neo3D plug-in for Final Cut Pro can manipulate images, correct vertical misalignment and perform horizontal image translation.

Streather will head up the Q&A roundtable that concludes the program.

"After they've attended this session, we just don't want delegates to get started making 3D content," says Streather. "We want them to create movies that are effective, appealing, impactful, future proof and, above all, profitable."