September 30, 2009


Previsualization can be described as a collaborative process that generates preliminary versions of shots or sequences, predominantly using 3D animation tools and a virtual environment. It enables filmmakers to visually explore creative ideas, plan technical solutions, and communicate a shared vision for efficient production.

Members come from many different disciplines and markets. Founding members include David Dozoretz, founder, director and VFX supervisor, Persistence of Vision (POV) Previs; Chris Edwards, CEO, The Third Floor; Ron Frankel, president/founder, Proof; Colin Green, president/founder, Pixel Liberation Front; Daniel Gregoire, owner, Halon Entertainment; and Brian Pohl, CEO, POV Previs.

The Society is open to previs professionals (previs supervisors and practitioners), associates (directors, producers, storyboard artists, cinematographers, art directors, production designers, editors, studio executives and other industry personnel) and academics (students and educators).  General interest memberships will also be offered. 

Funding for the Previsualization Society will be provided through membership and sponsorship. Autodesk is a charter sponsor.