June 22, 2009


Services include dailies processing for digitally-acquired media; realtime, nonlinear color grading at resolutions up to 2K; final assembly; and deliverables production. The services can also be packaged with others offered by Filmworkers, such as visual effects production, CG and motion graphics design.

Digigog offers overnight dailies processing for data files from most sources. The system generates dailies in the format required by the project’s editorial team – be it Avid DNX-HD and Apple ProRes 422 - as well as uncompressed files for final color correction and assembly. Deliverables for review purposes are available in a variety of popular formats, including QuickTime.

Filmworkers employs da Vinci’s Splice technology as part of the process. Splice allows the company’s da Vinci 2K Plus color correctors to grade scanned imagery directly on a SAN. Digigog also uses proprietary software for importing edit decision lists and automating many aspects of the final assembly process.