April 3, 2009


Ozone 4.0 can create realistic 3D clouds that can be flown through, or made to look like low-lying fog. The tool renders atmospheric effects quickly, thanks to E-on’s optimized technology.

Creating animated clouds and sunsets is also easy. Users just set the direction and speed of the wind, the rate of change, and render. The tool comes with over 150 predefined atmospheres for simulating bright daytime, bad weather, sunrise, sunset and night time. Over 140 preset cloud shapes are also included.

The Ozone 4.0 Open Beta is a free, fully functional version that can be used for commercial use provided that artists purchase a full license of the product as soon as it is released commercially. The Open Beta release will expire shortly after the beta period.

Ozone 4.0 will retail at $295. Upgrades from Ozone 3.0 will be  available for $95.