September 12, 2009


PFPipe is available free of charge to PFTrack customers on a current support contract, and improves workflow efficiency by integrating PFTrack and the data it generates into third party applications.

PFPipe is a C API for reading PFTrack projects and obtaining the data contained therein. Currently, that's camera data and distortion data. Initially this will allow users to establish direct integration of PFTrack data into third-party applications and in-house pipelines and technologies. The first release of PFPipe will provide access to PFTrack’s camera data and distortion models. It will also provide all project links to footage and clips used in the project file itself.

To illustrate how this can work, developers at The Pixel Farm have ported PFBarrel, PFCameraImport and PFDataCombiner over to use this architecture, and these will be available to all customers using PFTrack 5.0. In addition, full C code examples are being provided to enable developers and TDs to quickly develop tools based on this technology.

Also at IBC, Pixel Farm is showing a PFTrack/Cooke Optics workflow demo. The demo shows how lens metadata can be taken straight out of the camera into PFTrack, and then pushed through the whole workflow using PFPipe.