July 16, 2009


Mistika can now grade 4K R3D files in realtime with outputs to 2K and HD at true mastering quality without the need for rendering or conversion. The R3D camera settings are also maintained.

As a 4K workflow solution, R3D files can be handled in realtime right through to the end of the project, where the master files can be as large as 4K DPX formats.
The color grading tools in Mistika have been enhanced in terms of functionality and speed, with the capability of grading 4K DPX images. Mistika has full control of color spaces such as the logarithmic DPX RGB 4:4:4 for film laboratories or TIFF 16 XYZ for DCM mastering.
The system’s stereoscopic 3D toolset has also been enhanced with new tools that allow for the automatic control of both eyes in all post areas.