August 4, 2009


On Monday, Radium artist Robin Linn participated in a panel titled "Keeping a Job in CG for Entertainment: Visual Effects, Animation and Games"

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Radium CG supervisor Mark Thielen was planning to be at the Pixar booth, demonstrating shading and filtration techniques in Massive Software.

Also on Wednesday, Reel FX director of animation Bryan Engram and Radium artist manager Robin Linn are going to participate in Animation Mentor's "Animation Q&A." The event will take place at 11am in room 240-242.

And on Thursday at 1:45pm, Reel FX's digital supervisor Scott Peterson is set to discuss "Mass Animation: The Future of Crowd Sourced Creativity" in the La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom.

Reel FX and Animation Mentor are hosting a Happy Hour at the Gordon Beirsch Brewery on Wednesday between 4pm and 7pm.

Those looking to be considered for a position can check out the company's Website ( or drop off reels and resumes in person at the Marriott New Orleans Hotel.