September 11, 2009


On the product front, The Foundry team is showcasing Nuke 6.0 and Nuke X. Version 6.0 is a major release of the compositing software, with a totally re-written paint and roto toolset. Nuke 6.0 also includes Keylight, The Foundry’s keyer, which is strong at tackling reflections and hair.
NukeX is being shown. The brand new compositing application gives artists integrated access to sophisticated lens tools and 3D camera tracking, as well as image and motion analysis. Both Nuke and NukeX are fully script-compatible, with Nuke capable of viewing and rendering nodes created using the extended NukeX toolset.

On the plug-in front, the new RollingShutter plug-in for After Effects and Nuke compensates for skewing in a scene that’s introduced by CMOS imagers, improving the look and enabling trackers to work on a wide range of affected footage.
Tinderbox 4 will be available on Nuke, giving users organic effects such as snow, rain, fire and water, as well as tools for looks such as cartoon, security and “InfiniteZoom.”
The Foundry team has also been working closely with Avid to ensure that Furnace will work well on Avid DS 10.2, due for release at the show.
And, The Foundry released Ocula2 at IBC, the company’s range of stereoscopic plug-ins. Ocula 2 enables artists to manipulate aspects of live action stereoscopic footage, such as the vertical alignment and interocular shift. The plug-ins also help save time by replicating paint and roto shapes applied to one eye directly onto the second.