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AudioEngine mixing ‘Avec Eric’

September 28, 2010
AudioEngine mixing ‘Avec Eric’

NEW YORK - AudioEngine's ( Bob Giammarco is handling the mix for the second season of Avec Eric, which centers around four-star chef Eric Ripert and his global search for the world's greatest food. In a collaboration with Anamoly, Giammarco will mix all 13 episodes of the show for the second consecutive season.

Giammarco says challenges for the show include crafting high-quality dialogue despite the sounds of crashing waves and barnyard animals that often surround the host when he goes on location.

“Fortunately, we have a ton of experience shooting such scenes for both shows and documentaries,” says Giammarco, “and, with the number of tools available in the toolbox these days, there are very few problems we can't fix or at least make workable."