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Composer Jason Graves scoring 'Dead Space 2'

November 17, 2010
Composer Jason Graves scoring 'Dead Space 2'

LOS ANGELES — Composer Jason Graves ( is working on the psycho-dramatic orchestral score for Dead Space 2 , the next installment in the action/horror videogame franchise. The original music reflects hero Isaac Clarke's dementia and nightmarish personal journey.

Graves created an intricately woven thematic movement for the game. "Lacrimosa" is a concerto for a string quartet that runs throughout the game. The game ( also includes haunting Unitology choral compositions, visceral action music and string arrangements performed by musicians at Skywalker Sound.

Graves composed the soundtrack for the original Dead Space , which has been called one of the scariest gamed ever made. The follow-up release will be available in late January of 2011.