January 6, 2010


The remodeled 5,200-square-foot structure at 1831 S. Centinela in Santa Monica features 20 edit rooms, a full kitchen, multiple lounges and a complete machine room. Each room has multiple fiber-optic runs and multiple business-class DSL lines for fast upload and download speeds. The location also has its own FTP site for file exchange. EPS can set up clients with Apple Final Cut Pro systems, Lightworks Alacrity and Touch systems, or any range of Avid systems, including Adrenaline and Symphony Nitris DX.

As part of the company’s expansion, EPS has hired Charlie Mitchell to serve as VP of sales. He was a senior VP of sales at Origin Digital and also co-founded Streamsign Media, a full-service advertising and digital signage company. His career also includes time at Picture PipeLine and Runway Media. His new role will include launching services that address content for Internet channels and mobile devices.

The Showtime series Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union is undergoing post the new facility, as is the feature film Stone, starring Robert De Niro and Edward Norton.