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Efilm to offer DI services on Universal lot

October 18, 2010
Efilm to offer DI services on Universal lot

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA — Deluxe Entertainment Services Group’s Efilm ( subsidiary will offer digital intermediate color timing services on the Universal Studios lot. The custom-built suite will be located within the sound department of Universal’s full service post facility. The proximity of the room will allow filmmakers to finish picture with the Efilm colorist while supervising their sound mix, helping to save time. 

Clients using the Efilm suite will be able to review uncompressed 2K 4:4:4 versions of their DI, dailies or trailers while at Universal Studios, and can even expand to interactive sessions with Efilm’s Hollywood and New York locations if necessary. Once the color timing of the DI is complete, the record out to film would be performed at Efilm’s Las Palmas location in Hollywood. 

The new suite at Universal will have an interchangeable film and digital system with white and silver screens to accommodate both XpanD and RealD 3D systems, as well as normal 2D projection.