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August 9, 2010
GREECE'S SKLAVIS FILM LAB ADDS SCANNING SUITE Sklavis opted for Cintel’s Rascal Digital data-cine film scanner fitted with 16mm and 35mm film gates, SD and HD video outputs, and 2K HSDL data outputs. The unit is coupled with a Pandora controller and color correction solution, as well with additional Sound Follower and Keycode tracking equipment.

Digital intermediate technician Giannis Kouretis says the studio regularly needs to scan a large quantity of new and archive film, predominantly to 2K data. “The Rascal Digital speed performance in 2K at 15fps, as well as realtime HD is very powerful. Our needs included additional primary and secondary color correction as well, and the Pandora system was able to provide this.  To complete the film scanning suite, we needed a Keycode tracking system and additional audio capabilities.”

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