House of Moves handles mocap for 'Tron'
December 21, 2010

House of Moves handles mocap for 'Tron'

LOS ANGELES — Animation and motion-capture company Vicon House of Moves ( was hired by Grid Productions for a week of motion capture sessions during the production of Walt Disney Pictures’ Tron: Legacy

The studio worked with Grid a few years back on the first Tron: Legacy teaser trailer that screened at Comic-Con 2008. For the actual film, the production crew spent five days rehearsing on the House of Moves stages, followed by seven days of motion-capture shooting. 

The crew shot stunts, along with more subtle body and finger poses. Also captured were movements of actors sitting on and riding the film’s futuristic Light Cycles.

The principal cinematography crew was on set alongside the mo-cap team to capture live-action footage of actors’ faces, which would later be mapped to the inside of the helmets featured on the digital doubles. For the high-action stunts, actors rode on dollies and wore wire rigs that could help simulate the effect of falling off the Light Cycles during a high-speed crash.

House of Moves’ fully-enclosed soundstage was use for capturing subtle movements, while its 70-foot-long main stage was used for action sequences, including capturing actors for the Light Cycle crashes.