Iray included with Autodesk Advantage Packs
October 6, 2010

Iray included with Autodesk Advantage Packs

BERLIN - Mental Images’ ( Iray rendering solution is now incorporated into the Autodesk Subscription Advantage Pack for 3DS Max 2011 and 3DS Max Design 2011 software. Iray rendering technology balances ease-of-use and scene setup with a high quality final frame output. A productive workflow is achieved by enabling artists to more accurately simulate their creations with “push button” rendering.

Only a small number of settings are required to bring about a realitsic appearance more quickly. During final rendering, Iray progressively refines the image until a desired level of quality is reached. In addition, Iray leverages Nvidia GPUs to deliver fast photorealism.

Iray technology supports the Autodesk Materials set, IES light profiles and enables a designated object to become a light emitting entity with texture support. This helps ease the set-up times for complex lighting scenarios within the scene. Iray automatically uses all valid processors within a system.

“Our objective in incorporating Mental Images’s Iray rendering technology with Autodesk 3DS Max and 3DS Max Design is to make it easier for design professionals to create realistic images in a fraction of the time,” said Ken Pimentel, director of visual communication solutions at Autodesk. “Artists and designers can now focus more on their creative vision without having to spend time on elaborate render settings."