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August 5, 2010
LAIR OFFERS LIVE-ACTION, VFX, ANIMATION & MORE Raxlen (pictured) founded Chelsea Digital, Chelsea Pictures’ in-house post production finishing boutique, 15 years ago with the idea of integrating editorial with visual effects, post finishing, design and 3D animation. Five years ago, he partnered to launch Guerilla FX, which incorporated live-action production with post.

Over the last four or five years, as the industry changed, Raxlen felt it was necessary to reconfigure what he was offering to better meet the current and future needs of his advertising clients. The result is a studio that offers an efficient, collaborative creative process that works regardless of a project’s intended delivery, be it for iPhones, laptops, televisions or billboards.

Theresa Loquercio serves as Lair’s head of production. Alex Aab and Nicole Rodan are producers, and Jason Yantz and Linda Peters work as editors. Ted McEnaney serves as post producer.

Since opening, Lair has completed commercial projects for Samsung, Cedar Fair, Kyocera, Weis Supermarkets and Starz. The studio is currently putting the finishing touches on work for Click TV, Bloomberg and Checkers.