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May 27, 2010
METAPHRENIE CREATES ANIMATION FOR REEBOK SITE The Zigtech campaign was conceive by London agency Glue. The shoe features a zig-zag-pattern soul that helps transfer energy and reduce wear and tear on the body. The video features the tagline: “Reezig. The energy drink for your feet.”

According to Metaphrenie creative director Andrea Dionisio, the animations had to showcase five major features and benefits of the new Zigtech shoe: Energy Boost, Lightweight, Flexible, Stable, and Less Wear & Tear. The videos all start and end at the same point, allowing them to easily be stitched together.

The Metaphrenie team created the entire project in 3D. Not only is the shoe a 3D element, but so are the athletes wearing them. The studio used motion-capture to produce the natural running animations and was able to produce eight animations in just three- and-a-half weeks. The HD videos were compressed for the Reebok Website.

The Reebok Zigtech project was produced in HD, and will be featured on in-store video screens as well. The company had a schedule of 3.5 weeks to complete the campaign.

Radium Audio handled sound for the project.