Mixamo/DAZ partnership improves animation workflow
October 19, 2010

Mixamo/DAZ partnership improves animation workflow

SAN FRANCISCO - Draper, UT’s DAZ 3D (www.daz3d.com) has entered into an alliance with Mixamo, here, that will bring Mixamo's animations and realtime customization capabilities to the DAZ 3D character model portfolio. 

Users of DAZ 3D's latest generation of human figures now have access to the entire Mixamo motion collection (www.mixamo.com). All Mixamo motions are guaranteed to work with any character created from the DAZ 3D human figures within DAZ Studio. The DAZ 3D/Mixamo modeling and animation pipeline improves productivity while reducing costs.

"The addition of the Mixamo motion collection to our 3D human figures greatly enhances the level of 3D animated content that our community can create," notes Dan Farr, CEO of DAZ Productions, Inc. 

“This partnership is great news for DAZ 3D community members,” adds Mixamo co-founder/CTO Stefano Corazza. “They get a huge collection of motions over which they have complete customization control, which they can then effortlessly bring into their projects."