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Montreal’s Boogie Sound takes on visual effects

October 29, 2010
Montreal’s Boogie Sound takes on visual effects MONTREAL — Boogie Sound Studio, a mixing and sound design company, has expanded its services with a visual effects division. Boogie VFX Studio is now supplying visual effects and computer animation for feature film, advertising and television.

The studio has also jumped into the stereo 3D world, offering the service to its clients in television and advertising. Thanks to a set of proprietary tools created in-house, Boogie ( can create original 3D content, from shooting to finishing. Heading up the new VFX division is visual effects supervisor Sebastien Dostie (pictured below), who is joined by Eric Gervais, a specialist in stereoscopic VFX; Flame artist Philippe Desiront; and CG artist Eddy Chan. Together they offer over 45 years of experience, and have contributed to such projects as Assassin’s Creed, The Final Destination, Catwoman, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Wild, Final Destination 3, Fantastic Four, Dragonball Evolution, Stranger Than Fiction and 300.

In addition to its audio, VFX, animation and stereo services, Boogie also offers online editing and finishing.