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April 11, 2010
NAB: ASSIMILATE ROLLS OUT SCRATCH 5.1 FINISHING SYSTEM Scratch V.5.1 includes tools for realtime data management, review/playback, conform/editorial, color grading, compositing, finishing, and final mastering to any format. The upcoming release has enriched color grading capabilities, as well as improved finishing and compositing tools. V.5.1 can read and write every DNxHD format, which provides full compatibility with Avid media for projects originating on Media Composer, Symphony or DS.

On the show floor, Scratch is being shown at a number of partner booths. 1 Beyond is demonstrating Scratch workflows on several of its turn-key HD systems. Bluefish 444 is showing Scratch integrated with Epoch for video deliveries. Editshare is showing how Scratch can work with its shared storage solutions, including its XStream Series, which enables realtime DPX and Red MX workflows, as well as stereo playback.

Facilis Technology is showing Scratch connected to its TerraBlock shared storage solution. At the IGI booth, a Scratch system is connected to a 4K projection system, showing realtime, full-resolution Red MX, as well as to a 2K stereoscopic projection system, showing 2K and stereoscopic workflows. Rorke Data has a Scratch system connected to its high-speed storage solutions. And The Studio@B&H is showing Scratch connected to a JVC stereo monitor, highlighting its use in a realtime 3D workflow.

Assimilate will deliver V.5.1 in early May.

IMAGE: Local Hero Post used Scratch on the feature Standing Ovation , which opens in theaters this July.