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April 11, 2010
NAB: QUANTEL PREVIEWS V.5 SOFTWARE & STEREO3D WORKFLOW Users will be able to perform color correction within the multi-layer timeline eliminating the need to flatten layers. Pablo is also improved with realtime color correction capabilities.

Version 5 software includes a new Stereo3D timeline that allows each eye to be worked on individually or both at the same time. Stereo3D-specific tools help address issues that arise during acquisition, including incorrect color balance and keystoning, which results from converged shooting.

Working with Red material is now easier thanks to soft mount technology, which gives users the choice of either first importing r3d media into the Quantel workspace, or beginning work as it arrives via soft mount.

Version 5 works on the Windows 7 64-bit operating system, bringing speed, networking and security enhancements to the system.

Quantel is also showing a complete Stereo3D broadcast workflow at their booth, which addresses ingest, edit on the desktop, online editing and playout processes. Panasonic loaned the company one of its new 3D cameras to aid in the demonstration.

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