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New book offers pointers to animation directors

November 11, 2010
New book offers pointers to animation directors

NEW YORK — Educator/animation director David Levy has written a new book that suggests a number of solutions for dealing with the unexpected issues that can arise when creating animated projects. Published by Allworth Press ( and priced at $24.95, Directing Animation offers practical solutions for features, TV series, or commercial productions.

Levy has six series to his credit, and brings a wealth of experience in the animation business. In his book, he offers insider tips and first-hand experiences from animators, directors, and producers. He also explains the day-to-day duties and realities facing the role of the animation director.
“All animation directors need to understand that the staff is not in the way of the vision, they are the means by which that vision is executed,” Levy says. “All the relationships up and down the chain deserve the proper respect. And who else should set that tone but the director?”