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South Korea's KNOU upgrades Digital Media Center

September 29, 2010
South Korea's KNOU upgrades Digital Media Center

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - The Korean National Open University (KNOU) is a distance learning and bidirectional video educational institution that provides over 180,000 students with content via television broadcast, Web download and mobile media. The university recently upgraded the TS-1 studio at its Digital Media Center with a Solid State Logic ( C10 broadcast console. The new console allows KNOU to integrate advanced audio production with its new file-based workflow, while delivering streamlined production experience for students.

“The C10 has proved invaluable for handling audio for our rigorous lecture schedule and, especially, our panel-based productions,” explains Lee Han Uk, sound director for the KNOU Digital Media Center. “The C10 gives us excellent audio quality and a very positive learning experience for our media degree program students.”