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August 11, 2010
TECHNICOLOR 3D NOW ON 250 SCREENS The solution leverages the 35mm film projectors that are in use today by most theatres to deliver a high-quality 3D presentation. A patent-pending lens system splits the left and right eye images as the film runs through the projector and delivers a 3D-ready image onto a silver screen. The solution works with circular polarized glasses to translate the film’s content into an image that is perceived by the viewer as being three-dimensional. The silver screen can be used for the projection of both Technicolor 3D as well as digital 3D content.

DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, The Weinstein Company, and Warner Bros. are all supporting the format. Hollywood Theaters, Magic Lantern Theatres, Carolina Cinemas, and Flagship Cinemas are all using the technology.

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