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Tricycle launches with 'Tic-Tic & Piggy'

October 12, 2010
Tricycle launches with 'Tic-Tic & Piggy'
MIAMI — Tricycle (, a new company that specializes in branded entertainment and the production of original content, has completed its first project, Tic-Tic & Piggy. The animated series consists of 26 two-minute episodes designed to educate children about the importance of personal hygiene. It stars three main characters: two tics and a pig.

Tricycle was hired by Kaguabanga to create the series. The idea and original concept are the inspiration of Anabella Sosa, CEO of Tricycle, who also was responsible of the series’ scripts. Art director and animator Codie Yarbrough collaborated with Sosa to produce the series. Upstairs Miami handled production and post, with sound design and original music provided by Uptempo Audio.

“We wanted something that was hand drawn, symbolizing a child’s drawing and giving it relevance and meaning to our young audience,” explains Yarbrough. “For this reason we stayed away from modern vector-based animation tools. To achieve the look and feel we desired, we used 2D animation and some cut outs for the backgrounds that form the stage.”