VFX House Origami Moves into New Space
May 14, 2010

VFX House Origami Moves into New Space

LOS ANGELES - VFX company Origami Digital (www.origamidigital.com) has completed the move to its new location. The 8,000-square-foot building features a performance-capture stage and a large creative studio for its artists. Located near the Hawthorne Airport, the studio positions itself as a financially viable solution for filmmakers who want to keep their post in the Los Angeles area.

Origami’s mo-cap services are based around a 50x50-foot volume and its proprietary LOCO Technology, which serves as a development platform for a number of the facility’s in-house tools. LOCO MoCap uses PhaseSpace cameras and an active optical system. Each marker has a unique ID, which enables artists to quickly repair any occlusion errors. The system can also work outdoors in natural sunlight using the infrared spectrum, making it portable and flexible.

LOCO DVR is another system developed on their in-house platform. It records the video assist feeds from all of the cameras on set, along with any notes from the VFX supervisor. This provides artists with access to the camera video tap later during post production. LOCO DVR can also be used to stream live from the video assist feed over the Internet, enabling two production units to coordinate their work, or allowing the director and cinematographer to remotely check on the progress of the B-camera unit.

Origami producer Matt Rubin says the company looked at several buildings before making their ultimate selection. “We decided on this location because it gave us the freedom to lay out the facility exactly the way we wanted it. Our goal is to combine artistry with cutting-edge technology, and we’ve built this place from the ground up to accomplish that.”

In the past, Origami Digital has provided post services for The Aviator and the short films created for Microsoft’s Halo 3 game release by director Neill Blomkamp. Blomkamp also worked with the studio on several Nike and Gatorade commercials.

More recently, the studio collaborated with director Guy Moshe on Bunraku, a CG-heavy film slated for release later this year.