April 7, 2010


Vitti founded the New York City Final Cut Pro User Group, presently known as the Moving Pictures Collective of NYC (MoPictive). He was an active member in the digital video industry, and was well-regarded for his endearing passion toward creativity, sharing his knowledge and ultimately, forming a tight-knit community among colleagues. MoPictive provides members with meetings, discussion panels and training seminars to foster networking and intellectual growth.

Vitti passed away last year at NAB at the age of 46. His work included offline editing the four-part original series Murder in Black and White, which examined four murder cases in the deep south. As cameraman on independent documentary films Base Ball Discovered and New York Street Games, Vitti considered himself to be a “well-rounded digital guy.” His passion however truly stemmed from capturing artistic imagery on film. 

Fundraising for The Vitti Fund will kick-off at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters exhibition in Las Vegas. The 13th annual International Media Users Group (IMUG) MediaMotion Ball and the Las Vegas Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet will both raise money for The Vitti Fund.