AES announces workshops & tutorials program
August 30, 2011

AES announces workshops & tutorials program

NEW YORK — The 131st AES Convention will host a number of workshops that are relevant to audio post pros. Workshops/tutorials chair Natanya Ford worked hard to narrow the list of submissions into a program line up that serves all aspects of the pro audio industry.

“The Mobile Generation of Music Creation and Production” will look at mobile devices, cloud computing and innovative software algorithms that have enabled a further democratization of the music creation/production process. iPad/iPhone apps and cloud creation sites are turning virtually everyone into a content producer. This panel will explore how technology is enabling this revolution.

The “Sound Quality Evaluation” panel will look at current listening test preparation, execution, and evaluation techniques, and will cover test options, means of statistical evaluation, and evaluating results.

“Audio Asset Restoration” will look at the task of properly archiving entertainment assets and procedures for rescuing improperly archived assets. 

On the tutorial side of the agenda, the “Delay FX” session will provide comprehensive insight into one of the most powerful signal processes in the audio toolbox. Delay is a core element of comb filtering, flanging, echo, and reverb. 

The “MP3 Can Sound Good” tutorial will take a look at why MP3 has gotten such a bad rap. It will look back at the history of MP3 coding as a medium for portable music players, and will discuss how these early approaches have shaped the way MP3 is perceived in the audio community. 

Other workshops and tutorials include: “Ear Training for Mastering Engineers;” “Acoustics for Sound Reinforcement;” “Metadata;” “File Formats for Higher Resolution Audio;” and “What Every Sound Engineer Should Know About The Voice.”