Alter Ego event promotes personal expression
March 22, 2011

Alter Ego event promotes personal expression

SANTA MONICA — Hybrid Edit has launched a new, bi-monthly community outreach event that’s open to professionals working across all areas of the advertising industry. “AlterEgo” invites members to showcase their personal creative works, be it art, creative writing, photography, music, film, live performance or cooking.

The inaugural AlterEgo event took place at Hybrid on March 9 and featured the photographic works of art director Joe Reynoso (pictured) of Innocean and commercial director David Orr of Story. The musical talents of Hal Maynard and Sandy P. Jones, both of whom are writers with Tacklebox Creative, were also showcased.

“My passion for photography began when I was very young, and continues to grow stronger,” explains Joe Reynoso. “I like capturing highly personal moments that invite the viewer to feel somewhat voyeuristic — images that let one feel that if they exhale too loudly, or cough, or move, they’ll be found out… and then the moment will be lost…The Hybrid event allowed me to present my ‘alter ego’ through my photographs. It provided a terrific outlet for those of us who work in advertising, and who are usually working on behalf of a client, to showcase our own creative efforts from across various art forms. The night was also a great networking vehicle.” 

“I’ve been serious about my fine art photography since 2004,” notes David Orr. “Having worked with still cameras all the time on locations and for storyboards, my interest expanded and now I enjoy creating kaleidoscopic images from a variety of my photos, merging them into collage-like patterns. The AlterEgo event was a lot of fun, because it allowed many of us to see each other not just as our professional selves, but as our artist selves.”

More than 100 members of the local ad community attended the event. Hybrid Edit is currently seeking submissions for short films, and from all other areas of the arts and entertainment arenas, for future AlterEgo evenings. The studio cam be reached at: