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'American Horror Story' campaign draws on classic tracks

October 28, 2011
'American Horror Story' campaign draws on classic tracks

LOS ANGELES — PrimalScream (, located at The Village in LA, created the soundtrack for a campaign that promotes FX’s new series, American Horror Story

The series centers on the Harmon family, who move to Los Angeles as a means to reconcile past anguish. The 1920s Victorian home they move into, however, has a chilling past, one that was only partially revealed by its desperate real estate broker.

PrimalScream re-recorded the iconic music from horror classics such as Halloween and The Exorcist for use in the promos.

“We used a Yamaha grand piano for the main motifs,” notes says PrimalScream Music creative director Nicole Dionne. The studio also called on Omnisphere and Gigastudio for the orchestral/ambient textures, along with API mic pres, and Avid Pro Tools|HD for recording and mixing. SSL Stereo Compression and Millenia Stereo EQ were run through an Apogee converter for the final mix.