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Arnauld Lamorlette to be recognized for CG lighting technique

January 11, 2011
Arnauld Lamorlette to be recognized for CG lighting technique

HOLLYWOOD — The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences ( announced that Arnauld Lamorlette will share a Science and Technical award with animation and visual effects artist and technical innovator Eric Tabellion for the creation of a computer graphics bounce lighting methodology that is practical at feature film scale.  

Lamorlette did the work that garnered the award during his eight-year tenure at PDI/DreamWorks.At that time, he was head of effects on Shrek 2. He was also head of effects on Shrek the Third and visual effects supervisor on Shrek the Halls. Lamorlette is currently CTO/production manager of the Bakery, a 3D computer graphics software company based in Gemenos, France. 

“Eric and I were given the freedom to push the envelope on Shrek 2 and decided to focus our efforts on something that lighters have been seeking since the earliest days creating CG environments: Usable Global Illumination,” Lamorlette recalls. “The process took a year from concept to completion and we couldn't have done it without the confidence and support of the DreamWorks team. To be recognized by the Academy for this effort is very gratifying.”