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Can't Live Without: Big Yellow Duck's Lou Esposito

March 10, 2011
Can't Live Without: Big Yellow Duck's Lou Esposito

“The one gadget that I can't live without is the Apple iPhone — simply because it has made work and play far more efficient and fun. 

“For work I stay on top of client emails and get back to them right away, check FTP uploads and downloads, and have video files of commercials and animation jobs I've worked on at my fingertips.

“For play I have an assortment of photography and audio recording apps, and the ability to share them with friends and family instantly.  It's hard to believe it wasn't too long ago that all this was a chore to do on a laptop you had to lug around. Now you have it in your pocket. Awesome!”

Lou Esposito

Sound Designer

Big Yellow Duck

New York City


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