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Devastudios creates Paramount 100th anniversary logo

December 21, 2011
Devastudios creates Paramount 100th anniversary logo LOS ANGELES — Motion graphics house Devastudios ( created the new animated 100th anniversary logo for Paramount Pictures, it was produced stereoscopically at a resolution of 4K. The new logo premieres in theaters worldwide with the release of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

The assignment from Paramount was to re-conceive the classic stars-and-mountain logo with a design that would pay homage to the history of the studio, while also capturing a bold vision of the future.  The landscape was created using a Terragen from Planetside Software, and the foreground clouds were created in Autodesk Maya.

“We’re proud to have been selected by Paramount to redesign one of the most recognized corporate trademarks in the world,” says Devastudios president/creative director John Berlin. “Our design and production teams have been working around the clock for several months to create this stereoscopic logo that captures the essence of the venerated Paramount brand. We couldn’t be more excited to be part of the studio’s history with a logo which will be on screens for years to come.”