Digieffects app monitors AE renders
Marc Loftus
August 15, 2011

Digieffects app monitors AE renders

WILMINGTON, NC — Next week, Digieffects (www.digieffects.com) plans to release a low-cost application that allows After Effects users to remotely monitor the progress of their renders. RenderMon is a small download that’s designed to help eliminate the uncertainty that arises during a render.

The company is offering RenderMon on a free trial basis. A monthly subscription is just $4.99, and an annual subscription is available for $49, and includes a $49 coupon that can be used toward any of the plug-ins offered on the Digieffects Website.

According to Digieffects’ Robert Sharp, RenderMon monitors render log files via an Internet-connected browser. Users of the app can follow a progress bar detailing the status of their render, and once the render is complete, will receive email notification. They can also securely post the video to Vimeo for sharing with colleagues and clients.

At its launch, RenderMon works exclusively with After Effect, but Sharp says the company has plans to add more hosts in the future, including Autodesk Maya, Maxon Cinema4D and Adobe Media Encoder. They also plan on adding text messaging as a form of notification.