Firstcom's new site simplifies music searches
March 15, 2011

Firstcom's new site simplifies music searches

DALLAS — FirstCom Music ( has relaunched its Website, making it easier for clients to access industry specific music.

“The cloud-based search and networking capabilities, like those found on social networking sites, makes accessing the new site faster and increases the speed of downloading music,” explains FirstCom Music’s VP/GM Carol Riffert. “Additionally, the quick search and advanced search filters were engineered to be more intuitive and to yield highly-accurate results.” 

The “Themed playlists”feature is new to the site and offers a pre-selected group of tracks for popular production categories. New “quick search” and “advanced search” options allow users to look deeply into the more than 150,000 tracks of music offered by FirstCom. Also, online licensing and cue sheet generation now makes it easy for users to report their music usage.

Last fall, FirstCom added the MasterSource catalog to its collection of libraries, further growing its film and television offerings. The library was founded in 1990 by musician Marc Ferrari and was designed to feature original songs with vocals, composed and produced by A-list talent. The library features over 400 different artists and over 8,000 tracks.