Gnomon holding online Master Classes
February 10, 2011

Gnomon holding online Master Classes

HOLLYWOOD — Gnomon School of Visual Effects ( will digitally connect artists with esteemed professionals from the entertainment and visual effects industries via its 2011 Master Classes. From February 11-25, participants in the private online community can interact with and learn from VFX pros behind such films as Avatar, District 9 and Transformers 2. 

The instruction blocks cover nearly every aspect in the digital arts production pipeline. Master Classes 2011 ticket holders will be able access 12 specialized sets of instruction covering everything from motion graphics and lifelike character-design to prop fabrication and environment lighting. Focused software instruction will cover VFX tools like Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop. Artists of all levels will receive detailed feedback from instructors coupled with high definition, on-demand courses accessible at any time during the two-week period.

The entire suite of 12 classes is priced at $295. The following is a list of classes:

- 3D Design for Production 

Instructor: Vitaly Bulgarov, 3D Cinematic Artist

- Motion Graphics for Feature Film 
Instructor: Neil Huxley, Motion Graphics Director for “Avatar”

- A Pungent Character: Getting Grit into Imaginary Faces 
Instructor: David Meng, Lead Creature Designer for “District 9”

- Digital Character Physiology 
Instructor: Rick Grandy, Digital Character and Pipeline Supervisor

- Independent Dystopia

Instructor: Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Director of “The 3rd Letter” and “ARK”

- The Making of 'Dirge'
Instructor: Alex Alvarez, CEO and Founder of Gnomon School of Visual Effects

- Three Hour 3D Figure Study 

Instructor: Jeremy Engleman, 3D Painter at Dreamworks Animation

- Creating Realistic Skin with Mari 
Instructor: Gareth Jensen, Texture Artist at Double Negative

- ZBrush to Photoshop - Character Design Tutorial
Instructor: Scott Spencer, Digital Sculptor at Weta Workshop

- Character Design for Illustration 
Instructor: Paul Tobin, Concept Designer at Weta Workshop

- Film and Prop Fabrication 
Instructor: Rick Hilgner, Concept Designer at Creative Concepts Enterprises

- Environment Lighting & Progressive Rendering 
Instructor: Alex Sandri, Freelance 3D Artist