Gnomon releases FX workflow training DVD
January 6, 2011

Gnomon releases FX workflow training DVD

HOLLYWOOD — The Gnomon Workshop  ( is now offering a new FX workflow training DVD, taught by artist Brandon Young. Young worked on the popular BioWare game Dragon Age: Origins.  

The training DVD — Production FX Workflows - Dragon Age: Origins — offers a glimpse into how a real production visual effects shots are constructed. Young demonstrates proven production techniques and toolsets that detail assembly, rendering and composite stages of a production shot from the game; in this case, the cinematic created by Blur Studios. 

The tutorial covers shot stages, shot goals, and how to achieve them quickly. In addition, he teaches about Particle Flow, FumeFX and stock elements, so artists can make effects shine before compositing and rendering. The tutorial is priced at $59 and is available on DVD or as a download.

Besides Blur, Young’s career includes time at Spatial Harmonics Group, Scanline VFX and Luma Pictures, where he worked on projects such as G.I. Joe, 2012, and Thor.