March 18, 2011

Japan: Panasonic escapes serious injuries & damage

SECAUCUS, NJ — Post was in touch with representatives from Panasonic regarding the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Panasonic’s Jim Reilly reports minimal injuries and damage. Here’s what he had to say:

“Panasonic Corporation’s headquarters is in Osaka, which is in western Japan. The earthquake was centered in the northeast part of Japan, so headquarters’ operations were not physically impacted. The company does have four manufacturing facilities in the areas impacted by the earthquake. A few employees at those facilities received minor injuries. The company is continuing to work to confirm the safety of the employees. Among those facilities, some parts of ceilings and walls were damaged, but there were no fires or building collapses. 

“In the affected area, Panasonic is continuing to place a priority on the safety of employees, and is cooperating with the planned power outages scheduled by the local power companies to save energy. In parallel, Panasonic is preparing to resume production at factories there, while confirming the adequate supply of electricity, gas and water, as well as the required logistics and supplies.”