'Jimmy Kimmel Live' using CrazyTalk Animator
August 31, 2011

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' using CrazyTalk Animator

LOS ANGELES — The team at Jimmy Kimmel Live is using Reallusion's CrazyTalk Animator to quickly create satirical animated segments for its show. The show has already created Osama Bin Laden- and Twilight-themed comedic shorts using the low-cost PC application, which allows artists to quickly turn photos or drawings into animated characters.

CrazyTalk Animator works with pre-rendered images, helping to speed up the production process.  The application features three-step character rigging and instant facial animation that can sync to text and audio files.  

Face and body animations can be quickly added using pre-defined templates. Motions can be saved individually or together to create flexible arrangements. The character composer allows for head and body switching. And scenes can be created using the embedded content library, or any other image from a photo catalog.

Reallusion offers a standard version of CrazyTalk Animator for $49.95. A pro version is available for $179.95, and includes a timeline editor for advanced control. Professionals can also download a free trial version (www.reallusion.com/crazytalk).