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Kyma X.82 updates Kyma X/Pacarana sound synthesis engine

November 22, 2011
Kyma X.82 updates Kyma X/Pacarana sound synthesis engine CHAMPAIGN, IL — Kyma X.82, a new software update for Symbolic Sound’s Kyma X/Pacarana sound synthesis engine, is the result of two years of R&D. The update takes advantage of the expressiveness and extended control offered by the newest alternative controllers for sound design and music and musical interfaces.

Features in Symbolic’s ( Kyma X.82 include 21 new keyboard-controllable morphing synthesis algorithms, support for 14-bit MIDI controllers and the publication of Kyma's OSC protocol. which means that third-party developers can create software interfaces, alternative controllers and new musical instruments that can take advantage of Kyma's library of expressive, responsive algorithms. The protocol includes two-way communication of note events, controllers and graphical control surface layouts over TCP/IP networks (such as Ethernet, Wi-fi or the Web).

A batch analysis tool included in the release allow Kyma users to create custom Analysis File libraries, giving their own signature sound to the new synthesis algorithms in Kyma X.82.