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Loft London accelerates digital content exchanges

August 8, 2011
Loft London accelerates digital content exchanges

LONDON — Loft London Ltd. ( has expanded its Signiant portfolio of products with the addition of Content Transporter, enhancing the studio’s ability to accelerate digital content exchanges with key customers. Loft has two locations in London and a newly opened site in Los Angeles. The company provides a range of services for high-end media transcoding, ingest, encoding, storage, and digital distribution. 

"All of our clients have transmission service level agreements that make it imperative for them to receive their content on time,” explains Loft London director and partner, Davide Maglio. “With Signiant, we have complete visibility into the entire transaction, and the system generates a delivery confirmation receipt that ensures that the media has arrived at its destination in good working condition. That's just not possible using FTP or more traditional WAN acceleration-only tool.”