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Nice Shoes adds DFT film scanner

July 13, 2011
Nice Shoes adds DFT film scanner
NEW YORK — Nice Shoes ( has purchased a Scanity high dynamic range, 2K/4K electronically pin-registered scanner from Digital Film Technology. The studio has been using the company’s equipment since 2000. 

Partner/colorist Chris Ryan says the biggest issue when considering the purchase was speed. "We need the ability to load in footage very quickly, as fast as we can load in digital files, and the Scanity offered us not only a lot of flexibility on the different resolutions it can scan, but also the speed we needed as it can scan far faster than any other box out there."

Other advantages, notes Ryan, is a future-proofed design. “Film may never end, but this system will also give us the ability to offer new services." This includes film restoration. "Scanity has a number of great film restoration tools already built-in, so we're exploring that new avenue," he reports.