Pixeldust's work featured tonight on Nat Geo's 'Explorer'
February 14, 2011

Pixeldust's work featured tonight on Nat Geo's 'Explorer'

BETHESDA, MD — Pixeldust Studios (www.pixeldust.tv) has created a dramatic presentation of prehistoric creatures that will be featured tonight in a one-hour special that’s part of National Geographic Channel’s Explorer series. 

The studio’s animation in Clash of the Americas illustrates the abundance of new wildlife that arose from the geological shift that took place 60 million years ago between the North and South American continents.

“This project involved a great deal of animation depicting prehistoric creatures,” explains New Pony Productions’ Ron Bowman, who served as producer/director/writer on Clash of the Americas. “The demand for animation here was intense… We developed a new way to present prehistoric animation in an unusual style, with a kind of graphic novel look and feel. The animations evolve from frame to frame, and are dramatic and immersive.”

To view the animation, visit: http://www.pixeldust.tv/featured/01/