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SGO's Mistika now supports CineForm RAW

March 17, 2011
SGO's Mistika now supports CineForm RAW

MADRID — SGO’s ( Mistika post production system now supports the codec used by Silicon Imaging cameras, such as SI-2K. The CineForm RAW format is now supported natively in realtime. Mistika already supports RAW data from the Red One, Epic,  Phantom, Weisscam and Arri Alexa.

CineForm RAW is a 12-bit digital intermediate codec that natively encodes the RAW Bayer data from the single-sensor on Silicon Imaging cameras. It then preserves the RAW data at the codec level, until the information is flattened for final output. The Silicon Imaging SI-2K (shown) combines a digital cinema class 2048x1152 resolution camera head, and the power of CineForm RAW to deliver a direct-to-disk RAW recording platform.

Mistika offers color grading, compositing, editing and 3D stereo tools.