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SIGGRAPH: GPL helps Render Rocket grow cloud-based service

August 11, 2011
SIGGRAPH: GPL helps Render Rocket grow cloud-based service

VANCOUVER — LA-based GPL Technologies (  is working with rendering services provider, Render Rocket ( to build out an ultra-fast and ultra-scalable rendering infrastructure to handle high demand for the company’s cloud-based render offerings. The new infrastructure brings an exponential increase in network performance and vastly scalable storage capacity to Render Rocket’s rendering platform.

Render Rocket delivers professional rendering power in the cloud to 3D artists and production teams around the globe without the need for extra hardware or rendering software packages GPL is a full-service technology solutions firm and architect of pipeline infrastructure and IT solutions.  Render Rocket turned to GPL to relieve pressure on the existing systems by implementing a more scalable and robust architecture. 

GPL performed an extensive pipeline assessment and presented a number of solutions. Render Rocket ultimately selected a design blending Force10 Networks’ S50N switches with Isilon X200 clustered storage.  The new architecture brings line-rate network speeds to all render and storage nodes, triples online storage capacity, offers comprehensive fault-tolerance and redundancy, and provides Render Rocket with a clear upgrade path that will enable rapid storage and network resource growth as customer demands increase.