SIGGRAPH: Vicon previews future mocap technology
August 9, 2011

SIGGRAPH: Vicon previews future mocap technology

VANCOUVER — Motion capture systems developer Vicon ( is previewing a future technology at the 2011 SIGGRAPH show. The company’s Mobil Mocap solutions make use of several new technologies, including an unobtrusive lipstick-sized camera that captures 720p (1280X720) footage at 60 frames per second. In addition, a small processing unit synchronizes, stores and wirelessly transmits mocap data. 

Applications for the small solution are numerous. They can be embedded into a car, for example, to capture authentic data of how a driver interacts with a vehicle in real world conditions. Up to 12 cameras can be synchronized to simultaneously deliver data, and this information can be combined with external metadata such as GPS, miles per hour, traffic patterns, etc.

With a head-mounted camera device, the technology can capture the nuances and contours of facial activity. This can be applied to digital characters for games, films and television. Prototypes of this technology were used for facial capture of Jim Carrey in Disney’s A Christmas Story and Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy.

Vicon is also at SIGGRAPH with a preview of the newest version of its motion capture pipeline processing software, Blade 2.0. The technology features new core architecture and algorithms to consistently capture detailed motion with reduced interference and accurate, real time playback.