The Foundry releases 'Storm' Red workflow tool
March 1, 2011

The Foundry releases 'Storm' Red workflow tool

LONDON — The Foundry ( has released a new workflow solution for productions working with Red-shot media. Storm offers users a consistent and reliable way to review, organize, prepare, edit, conform and deliver Raw Red media on a laptop or workstation, on and near-set.

The solution brings continuity to a workflow, enabling users to quickly and easily take Red media from camera, through editorial and onto delivery. The Foundry sees Storm as a tool for DITs, data wranglers, cinematographers, editors, colorists and directors. The tool’s user interface is easy to customize. 

Ingesting of Red media is fast and simple. Tags can be used to identify and search for keyframes or clips, and the user can create bins based on the tagged media. Playback is realtime. Users can call on a Red Rocket for playback, or lower the playback resolution to retain realtime performance on a laptop.

Storm offers pre-defined looks or the ability to create custom looks. Functions are provided for displaying and editing multi-track video and audio for comparing takes, establishing baselines and verifying editorial intent. Storm can also integrate with Final Cut Pro for editing and then re-conform back in Storm to the original Red media, maintaining all looks, tags and metadata references.

Red’s Ted Schilowitz describes Storm as “REDCine-X on steroids.” He adds, “The Foundry have looked at Red workflow in great detail and taken logical integration with Red to a very evolved state. We’re very excited that those shooting and posting Red all over the world will soon have access to this software.”

Storm is available for $375 and requires a MacBook Pro, Mac Pro or iMac with at least 2GB RAM running OSX 10.6.4 or later. Storm is optimized for Red R3D footage and will use a Red Rocket card if one is installed. The Foundry is offering a free, 15-day trial license.