Voiceover panel lends insight, benefits Alzheimer's
September 15, 2011

Voiceover panel lends insight, benefits Alzheimer's

WEST HOLLYWOOD — Manhattan’s Push Creative Advertising Agency is partnering with a number of pro audio-related organizations to present “That’s Voiceover!” — a one-day event for those seeking careers in the world of voiceover acting. Hosted by VO veterans Joan Baker and Rolonda Watts, the event will donate its proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association.

“That’s Voiceover” will be held at the Pacific Design Center in October 6, and will feature a panel of top voiceover actors, talent agents, casting directors and ad executives, all of whom will provide a crash course in voiceover acting. Three audience members will win voiceover contracts ranging from a CBS TV affiliate promo to audio book narration contracts for ACX, a division of audible.com. One winner will be awarded an agency contract with TGMD Talent Agency, along with other prizes. 

Attendees will have a chance to hear from the talented voices behind movie, TV & radio ads for Disney Animation, The Simpsons, The Oscars and Emmys, Deal or No Deal, American Idol, the NBC Olympic Games, HBO, Showtime, Verizon Wireless and BET. Speakers will separate fact from fiction about breaking into the business.

Rudy Gaskins, who co-created “That’s Voiceover!” with Joan Baker, says, “Voiceover acting is among the most intriguing career opportunities and it’s growing at an enormous rate. But because of its largely anonymous existence, it’s been very difficult for newcomers to get information and training from reputable sources.” 

“This is why insiders like me and Rudy, and the extraordinary group of top talent we bring to the stage, saw fit to create a voiceover movement with ‘That’s Voiceover!’” adds Baker.

Neumann USA and Sennheiser are sponsoring the event, along with AFTRA, Back Stage, ACX powered by Audible.com, Voicebank.Net, WhisperRoom, TGMD Talent Agency and RSPE Audio Solutions. For further details, check out the event’s Website (www.thatsvoiceover.com).